StephenIn a world where technologies are constantly evolving and maturing it is important to have a relationship with experienced physicists who understand and can meet your needs rapidly and effectively.

Foxfire Scientific will effectively communicate with you and your technologists to ensure that your medical practice is operating equipment that is not only safe for your patients, but performs its functions properly and at optimal efficiency.

The first responsibility of the medical physicist is to the patient – to ensure that the programs are in place to facilitate the production of quality diagnostic images consistent with the available technology and which optimize safety (including radiation, mechanical, and electrical) for the patient.

AAPM Report No. 42, The Role Of The Clinical Medical Physicist In Diagnostic Radiology

At Foxfire Scientific, we view this as our mission. To ensure the safety of the patient, the technologist and other staff members, and the general public, is our paramount goal. We accomplish this through competent provision of a wide variety of diagnostic- and medical nuclear-physics services. Our group of expert physicists can provide you with comprehensive medical physics, health physics, and radiological health engineering solutions of the highest quality and most outstanding value for any and all imaging modalities.

Our vision is to team with our clients to provide the safest, most diagnostically relevant images for their patients, all in an atmosphere conducive to learning, nurturing, and continuous improvement. At Foxfire Scientific, Inc., we believe knowledge is power.

Beyond equipment inspections, Foxfire Scientific provides a *broad spectrum* of services. We conduct equipment performance evaluations and safety surveys for *all of the currently used modalities.* Our Medical Physicists stay up-to-date on emerging technologies to ensure that we provide the highest quality and most comprehensive service available.

Further, we are available to assist your facility with program accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR), or Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in the respective modalities.

Modality-Specific Services:

  • Radiography & Fluoroscopy – Services include acceptance testing of new radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment as well as annual equipment performance testing
  • Mammography – Services include acceptance testing and performance evaluation of various mammography systems with regard to MQSA and ACR requirements.
  • Ultrasound – Services include equipment performance evaluation and ACR accreditation.
  • Computed Tomography – Services include acceptance testing of new CT systems as well as periodic equipment performance evaluations. Accreditation assistance for CT systems is available according to the ACR and ICACTL requirements.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – Services include acceptance testing as well as equipment performance evaluation of MRI system and examination coils. Accreditation assistance is available according to ACR and ICAMRL requirements.
  • Nuclear Medicine/PET – Services include program accreditation assistance according to the ACR and ICANL requirements as well as the following:
    • Radiation safety and control survey
    • Radiation control survey with dose calibrator checks and leak testing
    • Gamma camera acceptance testing
    • PET scanner performance evaluation
    • Thyroid probe setup and calibration
    • Completion of xenon worksheet

Additional Services

Professional Consulting

  • Dose to Public Certification
  • In-Service Training
  • Litigation Support
  • Pregnant Patient/Fetal Dose Assessment
  • Radiation Safety Committee Meeting Attendance/Incidental Consult
  • Incidental Telephone Consultation
  • Professional Services (e.g., license app/renewal etc.)

Radiation Protection Engineering Services

  • Structural Shielding Design for New & Existing Medical X-ray Imaging Facilities
  • Radiation Design Criteria & Followup Surveys – Diagnostic
    • CT Diagnostic
    • PET
    • Preop Rad Survey
    • Postop Rad Survey
  • Radiation Design Criteria & Followup Surveys – Therapy
    • Radiation Design Criteria
    • Preop Rad Survey
    • Postop Rad Survey

Call us today to see how you can get started with the highest quality *and* value in medical health physics on the market.


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    In a world where technologies are constantly evolving and maturing it is important to have a relationship with experienced physicists…
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