Everyone who works for Foxfire Scientific, Inc. was handpicked for their personal character and technical acumen, as well as their ability to work as part of the Foxfire team. As you read, you will see that Foxfire Scientific, Inc. is multifaceted, with capabilities and experience in everything from MCNP modeling to environmental remediation-project management, industrial hygiene to laser safety program oversight, and clinical medical physics to radiation protection engineering/shielding design. In addition to these areas of practical expertise, we specialize in radiation safety education and training, including emergency response and domestic preparedness.

Robert Berry, MS

Senior Health Physicist


  • M.S. Health Physics, Texas A&M University , 1992
  • B.S. Radiation Protection Engineering, Texas A&M University , 1990


  • Engineer in Training (EIT)
  • Senior Reactor Operator AGN-201 from NRC
  • Reactor Operator AGN-201 from NRC


  • Senior Health Physicist; Sept 2005 – present, Foxfire Scientific, Inc.
  • Consulting Health Physicis; April 2003 – Sept 200, Foxfire Scientific, Inc.
  • Facilities Coordinator (Laboratory Manager/Safety Manager/Radiological Safety Officer/AGN-201 Reactor Supervisor); June 1988 – Sept 2005, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
  • Student Worker and Reactor Operator; Oct 1985 – June 1988, AGN-201 Department of Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
  • Leading Engineering Laboratory Technician; June 1978 – June 1982 — USS Boston SSN-703June 1982 – June 1985 — USS Shark SSN-591

Professional Affiliations

  • Health Physics Society (National) ; South Texas
  • Health Physics Society American Nuclear Society National

Awards and Appointments

  • ANS Best Poster Waste Management 05
  • Texas Engineering Experiment Station, College of Engineering Safety Award 2003
  • Texas A&M University Dwight Look College of Engineering Safety Committee
  • Texas A&M University Reactor Safety Board
  • College of Engineering Safety Committee, Texas A&M University
  • Program Advisory Committee (PAC) for Waste Management Conference
  • International Program Advisory Committee (IPAC) for Waste Management Conference
  • Board of Trustee’s Roy G. Post Foundation Planning Committee ICEM09, Liverpool Oct. 2009

Publications and Presentations

  • Berry RO, Hamilton IS , Cezeaux JR, Arno MG. An Overview of a Radiological Assessment from Oil Field Pipe Cleaning Operations. Proceedings from Waste Management 05, Tucson Az.
  • Hamilton IS, Arno MG, Rock JC, Berry RO, Poston JW, Cezeaux JR, Park JM., “Radiological assessment of petroleum pipe scale and pipe rattling operations,” in Health Phys 87(4): 382-396, October 2004
  • Berry R.O., University Waste Management: Proceedings from Waste Management 95 Berry R.O., University Waste Management; Invited Paper, Health Physics Annual Meeting 1995

Technical Skills

  • Experience with many types of radiation detectors and detectors systems Aptec PCMCA Software CAP 88PC Software