Health Physics & Radiation ProtectionThe Foxfire Scientific staff includes health physicists with extensive experience in all aspects of health physics and radiation protections including operational and environmental health physics and radiation protection engineering. Our service capabilities and well equipped skill sets allow our customers to utilize us as independent consultants or staff augmentation support. Depending on our clients’ particular needs, each area of service can be augmented by a licensed professional nuclear engineer ‘We provide a wide array of expertise in many topical areas including the following:

  • Radiation protection program
    • Development,
    • Compliance auditing and
    • Corrective action development and implementation
  • Internal & External Dosimetry Evaluations, including:
    • Dose estimation
    • Dose reconstruction
    • Dose projection
    • Includes:
      • Air sample analyses
      • In vitro bioassay analyses
      • In vivo bioassay analyses
      • Dosimeter data analyses
  • Radioanalytical Data Analysis & QA/QC Reviews
  • Nuclear facility and radiological engineering designs and design reviews, including analytical (e.g., MCNP) modeling, to support
    • New facility designs
    • Modifications to existing facilities or processes within those facilities
    • Facility D&D
    • Proposed stand-alone operations
  • Nuclear safety reviews
  • Authorization Basis Evaluations
  • Criticality safety
  • Licensing and registration
  • Portable and laboratory instrumentation, analytical measurements & laboratory QA/QC
  • Design of external and internal dosimetry monitoring programs
  • Design of workplace air monitoring programs
  • Design of radiation detection and monitoring systems
  • Development and auditing of security controls for radioactive materials
  • Laser systems hazards analysis and program management
  • Training program development, and auditing
  • Safety Management System reviews focused on nuclear and radiological safety\r\n
  • Safety Culture/High Reliability Organization assessments and surveys for nuclear enterprises

Our corporate experience for these services extends to the following settings:

  • Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Agency Facilities & Operations
  • Nuclear Utilities
  • Nuclear Research Facilities
  • Environmental Remediation Projects
  • Medical Practices and Institutions
  • Mining and Milling facilities
  • Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry
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